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XXXII. International Mechanical Engineering Conference – OGÉT


XXXII. International Mechanical Engineering Conference – OGÉT

The 2024 International Mechanical Engineering Conference took place in Csíksomlyó from April 25th to 28th.

The event proceeded in the usual good atmosphere and at the usual high level. The number of participants approached 120, with an average of 20 attendees per presentation. As previously reported, Benedek Szabolcs and Szűcs Soma from ALAP Inspector Ltd. delivered presentations on the following topics:

Szabolcs BENEDEK and Viktor SÁNDORFI – Typical Errors in Technical Mechanical Component Workshop Drawings.

One of the most important areas of industrial production is quality assurance, and within that, geometric feature measurement plays a crucial role, carried out by so-called „metrology rooms” within the company or independent laboratories. In order to qualify a product, we must know and understand precisely the expectations defined in the workshop drawings. A poorly prepared product documentation can often lead to contradictions, misunderstandings, and improper measurements, which can significantly damage the relationships between the customer and the manufacturer. The article attempts to summarize and present the most typical drawing errors, the avoidance of which would certainly facilitate the work of manufacturing technologists and metrologists and enable more cost-effective production.

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Soma SZŰCS – Application and Measurement Opportunities of Form and Position Tolerances.

From a reliably operating engine to the precise functioning of a watch, to the structural integrity of a solid bridge: the applications of form and position tolerances are diverse, and we often encounter them without noticing. These are the invisible but crucial factors that ensure that the products and structures around us not only function but also meet safety and quality requirements. After reading the article, you can learn in detail about the most important advantages offered by GD&T, such as better communication, greater flexibility, and higher quality.

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