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Environmental Tests

Our environmental laboratory offers a climate chamber with extensive chamber dimensions (heating/cooling speed: 15K/minute) and a thermal shock tester with a large basket size (basket transfer time: 10 sec) to our customers.

We use our equipment mainly for carrying out durability and cyclic aging tests in accordance with automotive and electronics industry and sector-neutral standards – also with sunlight simulation, UV degradation or humidification.

ACS thermal shock chamber

We can simulate various environmental conditions in the chamber which has a large basket capacity (130 L). The transfer of the specimen between the chambers takes no more than 10 sec, which is unparalleled in the market.

The temperature range can be controlled between -80°C and +220°C. The tester can be directly accessed at the industrial gate.

ACS Climate Chamber

It is suitable for performing aging tests on semi-finished or finished products to simulate the real effects of use on them. It has a temperature range between -75°C and +180°C, a large test chamber (1,400 L), a cooling/heating speed of 15K/minute and precise temperature and humidity control in accordance with the requirements of the relevant industrial standards.

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