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“Precision and promptness are essential in this profession and everybody must know this.

In my opinion, it is important to meet deadlines, since, in many cases, we have to report to our customers within a deadline!

I see Alap Inspektor is extremely knowledgeable about its services and I am fully satisfied with its professional competence!”

Róbert Tóth Deme – AQE Engineering

TE Connectivity Hungary

“Whether it’s about measurement technology, trainings or consultation, the services of Alap Inspektor fully cover the needs arising. They always meet the deadlines agreed on. Upon request, they are always available within an extremely short period of time.

A team of qualified engineers, competent trainers, up-to-date information and a flexible staff.

Seamless communication with them is possible via multiple channels. They quickly respond to phone calls and e-mail messages, however, if needed, in-person meetings can also be easily arranged.”

László Darnai – Head of Measurement Laboratory

JOST – Hungária Kft.

“They are flexibly available within a short period of time and provide measurement results at the pre-agreed time, without delays. Reliable services. Due to my relations with their engineering department + the quality of their services, the continuity of our cooperation is ensured.”

József Englóhner – Head of Quality

SEWS Components and Electronics Europe Ltd.


“We needed and were provided help in connection with the 3D scanning of parts alignment – obviously, because we don’t have the facilities to carry out these necessary tests in-house, that’s why it’s good that they cover this segment of measurement technology with their services. The reports and project files they send us are easily understandable and can be used for other projects as well. We can always consult them on the schedule and they always meet the deadlines. They are really flexible in responding to requests modified in the process. Their level of professional competence is excellent and each project is clearly defined through clarification sessions. Regarding the availability of their contact persons: they are always available when we have questions.”

Zoltán Vartarics – Quality Engineer

Honeywell Hőtechnikai Kft.

„I think Alap Inspektor offers flexible, customer-oriented and fair services. I find their measurements and assessments precise and quick, their professional competence is excellent and their contact persons are characterized by openness, a short response time and fairness.”

Zoltán Jankovics – Quality Manager

GraNa Technical Plastic Manufacturer Ltd.

“We got in touch with them mainly in connection with measurement and training projects. I can only say positive things about the services offered by Alap Inspektor, their professional competence, promptitude, precision, availability and staff. We consider you as a reliable partner. Thank you for your support in the past and the future.”

Antal Kaszás – Six Sigma and Metrology Manager

Nolato Hungary Ltd.

“As I see it, Alap Inspektor offers proper services and has a considerable range of machines and equipment. If I had to rate their readiness and precision on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give 9. The company has a high level of professional competence with a qualified staff of experts. The contact persons always answer our calls and have a constructive and positive attitude.”

Péter Somogyi – Quality Engineer

Continental Automotive Hungary Kft.

“Regarding the services of Alap Inspektor, it’s always fair what I get. In addition to precision, flexibility is what I really like. Even if there is a problem or issue not covered in the order, we can quickly and flexibly find a solution. I am fully satisfied with their precision. What I really like is that you can take a series of screenshots to each measurement where the measuring points can be clearly seen on the product. The lead time you offer is also great. I can remember only one time when we didn’t fix the deadline for the measurement and I expected you to deliver with the same deadline as in the case of a previous, less complex process; however the CT scan took longer than that. I am perfectly satisfied with your professional competence. Whenever I have questions, you always give me the answer and it is clear that the person providing the answer was genuinely trying to understand the product and how it works. The attitude of the contact persons is excellent. I have never experienced long waiting times before I could get in touch with the staff member carrying out the measurement. Generally, I can reach the person responsible for the measurement on the first call.”

Péter Kovács – Sr Project Manager Engineer

TE Connectivity Hungary

“Versatile and a full range of services: whatever measurement needs we have had so far (full-scale 3D measurements, etc.), you could always come up with a solution. I am totally satisfied with your level of precision and readiness. You always keep the deadlines as promised and if we have a critical problem, you are always ready to help us with emergency measurements. You provide us with detailed, all-around analyses and reports, even in English if we require so. I am fully satisfied with your professional competence as well. Your contact persons are always available, helpful and quick: we receive your quotation within 1 day after we have sent you the description of the problem and the related drawings.”

László Kátai – APU Quality Management Team Leader

Valeo Siemens eAutomotive

“I’m fully satisfied with the services of your company. We can arrange the tasks to be performed with your staff in a quick and efficient manner. You have always been able to keep the deadlines and we have had no complaints about the quality of your work.”

Dana Hungary Kft.

“Based on my experience gained so far, it is easy to reach the company and you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a contact person. So far, my orders have been fulfilled quickly, precisely and in a timely manner. Their knowledge of metrology is perfectly fine. They are quick at understanding the task during a project.”

Csaba Antal – Project Quality Engineer

Valeo Auto-Electric Magyarország Kft.

“In my opinion, the 3D scanning and analysis services of ALAP Inspektor are fair. Following the technical consultations, they carry out the assignment in a flexible way, within a short period of time. The staff is well-prepared and they respond quickly if questions arise.”

Ferenc Juhász – Technical Project Leader

Valeo Auto-Electric Magyarország Kft.

“They are at their customers’ services with a wide and up-to-date portfolio of services and solutions. I’m absolutely satisfied! Short response time, precision and quick delivery of results. They use highly qualified professionals. They are able to support customers both in connection with theoretical and practical issues. They respond to inquiries within a short period of time and they are available at any time of the day.”

Krisztián Könyv – Testlab Leader & Measuring Instruments Supervisor

PAYER Industries Hungary Kft.

“I’m really contented with the services provided by Alap Inspektor and I can always rely on them, especially in the field of CT and 3D scans where we have extensive experience with their staff. Regarding promptness and precision: 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. The areas where there is room for improvement do not necessarily depend on them (for example, processing orders). The other place our colleagues go to with our CT scan needs is Kassa. The advantages of Kassa: it is closer than Veszprém and in the past it was cheaper to CT scan one workpiece (I’m not sure about the current prices) and it was possible to have on-site consultation. Professional competence: 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. They have a staff with extensive experience and competence not only in measurement technology but also in quality management. I’m fully satisfied with their readiness and flexibility, too.”

Béla Czakó – BOSCH

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