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Magnetic Crack Detection


Magnetic Crack Detection

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in design / manufacturing / quality management processes.

Based on this, we are able to offer solutions to a wide range of tasks in the field of measurement technology.

Due to our relationship with partner laboratories, we are able to meet even the most special needs of our customers – we have recently performed magnetic crack detection on the crankshaft of a motorcycle under such cooperation.

Before installing the part, our customer wanted to make sure that the quality of the component was appropriate, i.e. it did not have any micro cracks. During the test, after the item has been coated in contrast material, iron powder suspension was applied on the surface in a magnetic field. In the case of a crack, the locally intensified magnetic field clearly shows the size and the location of the crack on the test body with the help of the iron powder. To the greatest satisfaction of the customer, the crankshaft proved to be immaculate (crack-free).


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