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Computed Tomography Measurements


Computed Tomography Measurements

We have installed a WERTH TomoScope HV 500 computed tomography scanner at the premises of Alap Inspektor Kft. in Kistó Street.

As a result, a wider range of special measurement technology services are now available. During computed tomography measurements, digital X-ray images are taken of the workpiece and placed upon each other to create a 3D image. As a unique procedure, not only the contour of the workpiece but also the thickness and quality of the material are also visualized.

The equipment can be used for the dimensional measuring of workpieces with a complex inner and outer geometry, with extreme precision and in a non-destructive way. The material of the workpiece being tested can be aluminum, glass, carbon filament, magnet, various plastics, metals, etc., and it can be made up of several components – the procedure provides a number of testing options.


Main areas of use

With the help of CT scan, complete and quick answers can be given to issues arising in the field of product development and quality management.





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