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GE Phoenix X-Ray System (160 kV/ 20 W)

If used with finished products, it provides a 2 dimensional image of the position, soundness and proper integration of product parts.

It is perfectly suitable for testing electronic parts, including tests for short circuit, continuity, proper solder joints, the insertion and embedding of BGAs and checking if the right components have been soldiered – in accordance with the IPC-610 Class 3 standard.

It is an important quality testing tool for identifying lack of continuity or excess material.

It can be efficiently used for the inspection of the welds of metals or plastics joined by thermal methods (welding, soldering) or cold bonding means (gluing).

Advantages: cost-efficient, quick, reliable, safe, complies with industrial requirements, it is important mainly for electronics manufacturers that tests with ESD protection can also be carried out.

Dimensions of its work table: 700x800x350mm (WxLxH), carrying capacity: 5 kg.

It is used for X-ray testing, measuring and assessing small series of products (max. a few thousand pieces), mainly for the automotive and the electronics industries.

Currently, we have 3 X-ray machines available for our customers with multiple usage options: either we are contracted to carry out the required procedures in-house or customers can lease the equipment and operate it by their own staff at our premises or installed at their own premises.

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